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Enterprise Mobile User Forecast: Mobile "Wannabes" Are The Fastest-Growing Segment

Prepare To Address The Needs Of This New Mobile Enterprise User Segment

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    Today's corporate mobility initiatives in firms are usually centered on policies and tools that focus on mobile employees — mostly traveling information workers and task workers. In turn, mobility vendors are also focusing their products, services, and marketing messages to address the needs of these two market segments. However, IT managers and vendors are dramatically underestimating the demand for mobility in the corporate arena. Mobility, as we know it today, is about to be eclipsed by demand from all types of workers who want to use their personal mobile devices to access corporate applications. In fact, Forrester estimates that this mobile "wannabe" segment will account for 25% of all employees by the end of 2012. To successfully position mobility products and services, device manufacturers, applications vendors, middleware providers, network operators, and others in the enterprise mobility ecosystem must understand both the current and future profile and demand factors of mobile wannabes and other categories of enterprise mobile users.
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    • Execs Dramatically Underestimate The Universe Of Enterprise Mobile Users
    • Workers Who Want Mobility But Don't Have It Will Drive Mobile User Adoption
    • Enterprise Mobile Users Will Make Up 73% Of The Workforce In 2012

      How Vendors Should Target The Mobile Wannabe Segment
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