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B2B Content Managers Must Plan More Than A Calendar

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    Consumers have more power at their disposal than ever before and B2B content managers must adapt their strategies to stay relevant. It is no longer adequate to market to a singular, monolithic definition of "the consumer"; your buyers' needs vary greatly depending on their altitude, business issues, industry, executive strategy — the list goes on and on. Therefore, an effective content management strategy requires deep knowledge of your specific buyers, which should dictate not only what the content is, but also where, how, and when it can be found by potential buyers. This report highlights some of the most crucial areas B2B marketers should study up on their consumers and gives a best-practice approach to planning, implementing, and optimizing a successful content management strategy.
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    • Content Marketing Is A Business Process
    • Content Also Has Its Own Life Cycle

      Manage Your Marketing Content As A Business Process
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