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Establishing A Global Direct Online Sales Footprint

An Analysis Of B2C Manufacturers' International Expansion

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    Global brands are increasingly looking to sell direct on their own websites — and not just in their home markets. After examining the global direct-to-consumer sales presence of manufacturers across a variety of product categories, it's clear that most US- and European-based manufacturers still prioritize eCommerce in North America and Europe, although they also target Japan and, increasingly, China. Selling direct to online consumers around the globe, however, is not for every manufacturer. Those firms that aren't selling direct in multiple markets should take advantage of the online channel to provide informational content on local products and ensure they're being savvy in how they drive consumers to key online and offline retail partners.
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    • The Who, Where, And How Of Expanding Globally With Direct-To-Consumer Sales
    • Savvy Brands Minimize The Initial Effort Of eCommerce Market Entry

      Savvy Global Brands Must Take A Measured Approach To New Markets
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