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European In-Store Pickup Service Best Practices

Addressing Consumers' Need For Immediacy And Cost Savings

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    European consumers continue to make use of all of the touchpoints that eBusiness professionals offer when making purchases. Click and collect serves multichannel buyers' fundamental needs by allowing them to avoid shipping fees and to get their products more quickly than via standard delivery options. It can also get them back into the store and add value to the purchase in average order value or service. The concept has been hugely successful in the UK where more than half of online buyers use it. Yet in Germany we continue to see the chicken-and-egg phenomenon where retailers have yet to embrace this service and customers are not quick to adopt it. Forrester expects that in-store pickup or other similar models of off-site pickup like drive-through will become table stakes among retailers looking to retain time-starved customers in an increasingly competitive landscape.
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    • In-Store Pickup Attracts Large Number Of European Online Buyers
    • Common Best Practices Exist But There Is Room For Improvement

      Mine The In-Store Pickup Opportunity With A Full-Circle Offering
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