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European Online Retail: Five Trends To Watch In 2012

European eBusiness Executives Strive To Give Their Customers Choice And Flexibility Across The Purchase Journey

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    European shoppers are becoming increasingly web-savvy and are turning to a wider range of touchpoints as they research and buy products online and offline. In response, eBusiness executives across Europe must learn to build sophisticated agile commerce strategies that embrace the increasingly multichannel nature of their shoppers. But eBusiness execs must be careful to separate the game-changing and value-adding initiatives from the hype. Speed, flexibility, and a multichannel approach, underpinned by a robust understanding of cross-touchpoint customer behavior are the keys. Amid a sea of other distractions, eBusiness execs must learn to experiment and innovate to identify genuinely valuable new technologies and services while simultaneously enhancing their core capabilities.
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    • Choice Is Key In 2012 As Shoppers Become Increasingly Sophisticated

      Don't Let Experiments And Hype Distract You From Getting The Basics Right
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