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European Social Retail Is A Work In Progress – A Social Computing Report

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    Social media is transforming the way European online buyers interact with each other and consume content. Online buyers are using social media to connect with their peers and, to a much lesser degree, starting to use such tools to connect with retailers and brands. The direct impact of this behavior on retail sales is still limited. European eBusiness executives are still in testing and development mode as they strive to forge the right social strategy to drive online sales, service, and engagements. In this evolving area, eBusiness professionals need to open up their social efforts to include those online buyers who are using social tools on a regular basis. Companies also need to enable online buyers to find guidance and advice from peers during the purchasing path, leverage engaged online buyers, and learn about potential opportunities that social commerce presents.
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    • In Europe, The Usage Of Social Media For Retail Purposes Is Still Nascent

      European Retailers Should Exploit The Voice Of Their Engaged Customers
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      European Online Buyers Are Only Starting To Interact With Retailers Online

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      Social Networking Sites Don't Drive Much Buyer-Retailer Interaction Yet

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      Most European Retailers Have Social Networking Sites, Product Sharing, And User Reviews