European Technographics® Benchmark Survey, Q2 2010


The European Technographics Benchmark Survey, Q2 2010, surveyed 25,535 respondents in the eight markets of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. This survey is based on adults ages 16 and older. Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) weighted the data by age, gender, region, education, and income to demographically represent the adult European population per country. TNS conducted the fieldwork in February, March, and April 2010 and motivated respondents with various incentives. For results based on a randomly chosen sample of this size (N=25,535), there is 95% confidence that the results have a statistical precision of plus or minus 1.1% of what they would be if the entire online adult population of Western Europe had been polled. This confidence interval can widen to 3.1% when the data is analyzed at a country level. The consumer topics covered include general behavior toward technology, device ownership (including brand usage of mobile phones, PCs, digital cameras, portable music devices, and printers), online buying behavior, personal finance, importance of main banks, travel, TV purchasing, interest in digital services, technology brands, preferred media sources, consumer trust, mobile phone buying behavior, mobile Internet, demographics, and Technographics segmentation.

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