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Evaluating Owned Media – A Social Computing Report

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    The media meltdown has fundamentally changed the way consumers access content. As traditional media companies struggle with their business models, their content is now just a component of a more fragmented and interactive landscape — one in which social media and content are, for many users, increasingly intertwined. For non-media companies using content directly to engage consumers, the barriers to entry have never been lower, but with so many Web sites competing for eyeballs, the competition has never been fiercer. While "paid" media remains vital to marketers and strategists, "owned" media — content created to engage directly with their consumers — is an increasingly important tool and part of a wider content strategy. For many marketers and product strategists, this is pioneer territory. But how can those tasked with creating, packaging, and distributing such owned content ensure it will be successful? By measuring and evaluating their offerings using Forrester's Digital Content Review. Those without a content strategy heritage must quickly learn and adopt media product strategy expertise.
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    • The Media Meltdown Creates Opportunity For New Entrants

      Use Forrester's Digital Content Review To Evaluate Your Content Strategy
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