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Eveline Oehrlich

VP, Research Director

Sessions Featuring This Speaker

Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders


  • 01:30 PM - 02:10 PM

    Your Transition To Managing And Securing Digital Assets

    Infrastructure, operations, and security teams face significant changes in how to manage and secure the digital assets leveraged by your business and critical to your company’s strategy. Big changes are required around people, processes, and technology. Learn how to:

    • Industrialize their I&O organization for greater agility.
    • Adapt their I&O management strategies for security and adoptability.
    • Continually improve to meet the evolving digital strategies of the business.

Research Focus

Eveline serves Infrastructure & Operations Professionals. Covering business technology (BT) and IT operations and service delivery, her current research focuses on the implementation of best practices around people, processes, and technology to advance BT and IT Operations teams into the age of the customer. Her coverage includes service management from a holistic or partial perspective, including topics such as service portfolio management, technology business management, and many other aspects of BT and IT.

Eveline delivers strategic guidance to Forrester's vendor and end user clients. She helps enterprises manage their networks and systems, define key projects that focus on IT service management, and bridge IT and the lines of business. Eveline has more than 25 years of experience working with IT organizations in the definition and development of service delivery processes and the implementation of service management as a practice inside enterprise organizations.

Previous Work Experience

Eveline came to Forrester from Hewlett-Packard, where she was the director of competitive intelligence and worked across many functional areas, such as marketing, pre-sales, and R&D in the HP Software organization. Prior to her work with HP Software, she worked as an IT consultant inside HP's IT organization.


A native of Germany, Eveline has a master's degree in computer information systems from Colorado State University.