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Executive Q&A: Design Personas And Customer Journey Maps

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    Personas and customer journey maps are valuable tools that support customer experience (CX) professionals' tactical design decisions and high-level strategic goals of progressing toward experience-based differentiation. This document answers some of the common questions that Forrester hears about personas and journey maps. This is an update to a previously published report to include current research findings and data.
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    • 1. What are design personas?
    • 2. What are customer journey maps?
    • 3. How do these tools help?
    • 4. What is the difference between a persona and a journey map?
    • 5. Are these tools essential or just nice to have?
    • 6. How do personas relate to market segmentation models?
    • 7. How do journey maps relate to customer life cycles or process maps?
    • 8. Do we need both personas and journey maps?
    • 9. Will we see return on investment (ROI) from adopting these tools?
    • 10. How much does it cost to develop personas?
    • 11. How much does a journey mapping effort cost?
    • 12. How do we know if our personas and journey maps are of high quality?
    • 13. Who should be responsible for creating our organization's personas and journey maps?
    • 14. Can we use a standardized journey map or set of personas for our industry?
    • 15. How frequently do we need to update journey maps and personas?