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Executive Q&A: Forrester's Customer Experience Index

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    To help customer experience professionals get the most from Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CXi) research, we've summarized answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions we get from clients about this annual benchmark of customer experience quality. Those questions include: When and how is the CXi data gathered, how is each brand's CXi score calculated, and what other data does Forrester have to help brands figure out what's behind their scores? (This report is a minor update of "Executive Q&A: Forrester's Customer Experience Index" published on January 4, 2013.)
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    • 1. What is Forrester's CXi?
    • 2. When and how is the CXi data gathered?
    • 3. What criteria does Forrester use to assess customer experience quality?
    • 4. What scale do the questions in the CXi use?
    • 5. How is each brand's CXi score calculated?
    • 6. Why isn't a particular brand listed in the CXi?
    • 7. Does the CXi cover B2B experiences or just B2C ones?
    • 8. Can my company use the CXi methodology to measure customer experience quality?
    • 9. Why did a particular brand's CXi score change this year?
    • 10. What other data does Forrester have to help brands see what's behind their scores?