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Executive Q&A: Six Things You Need To Know About Apps

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    The now familiar refrain "There's an app for that!" captures the resurgence of interest in apps thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. But apps — lightweight networked programs with one or two dedicated functions — have been around for a long time and are now being developed for not only smartphones and tablets but also browsers, TVs, gaming devices, home appliances, and even automobiles. We've aggregated a list of common questions every customer experience professional should know how to answer including: "Do we need an app for every digital platform?" and "How do we design an app that delivers the right customer experience?"
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    • 1. What is an app?
    • 2. Do apps only run on my smartphones and tablets?
    • 3. Do we need a dedicated app for every digital platform?
    • 4. How do we design an app that delivers the right customer experience?
    • 5. How do we evaluate and improve the app experience?
    • 6. How do we measure app effectiveness?