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Executive Q&A: Voice Of The Customer Programs

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    This report is an update to "Executive Q&A: Voice Of The Customer Programs" originally published on April 11, 2011. The voice of the customer (VoC) is a critical component of any customer experience effort, in part because VoC programs drive significant business value. To help organizations get the most out of their VoC programs, Forrester answered the most common questions we hear from customer experience professionals at all levels of VoC maturity. Our responses cover major issues such as how VoC programs provide value to organizations, who should be involved, and how they should incorporate high-level metrics and employee insights.
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    • 1. What is the VoC?
    • 2. What is a VoC program?
    • 3. What is the value of a VoC program?
    • 4. Does every organization need a VoC program?
    • 5. Who should be involved in the VoC program?
    • 6. Where do metrics fit into a VoC program?
    • 7. Where does the voice of the employee (VoE) fit into a VoC program?
    • 8. How do VoC programs relate to the six customer experience disciplines?
    • 9. What types of vendors help organizations establish and manage VoC programs?
    • 10. How can organizations tell whether their VoC programs are good?