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Leading change is a high-risk, high-reward business. Connect with an exclusive network of peers, analysts, and advisors to help you accelerate results while navigating risk.

A network of peers to challenge your thinking Insights and frameworks that enable you to drive business growth Forrester analysts to help you lead change You Advisor

“Forming connections with our peers is one of the most valuable aspects of our Forrester relationship. We get to offer our expertise, which is gratifying, plus we benefit from understanding what peers in other organizations are going through and how they’ve overcome their challenges on mobile, big data, or business technology strategy so that we can leverage their experiences.”
Wayne Heller

Wayne Heller

Senior Director, Enterprise Business Architecture, Nordstrom

Art Peters, COO at DOW Chemical Employees’ Credit Union, shares how being a member of the Leadership Boards helped him create an internal audit organization. (1:16)

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