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Financial Services Opportunities: Technology That Leads To Business Values

Inquiry Insights: Q1 2009 Through Q2 2010

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    Just because the recession is finally deemed over, it doesn't mean that the three financial services segments aren't still grappling with the recession's very long tail. To understand how the "Great Collapse" and the seesaw recovery drive opportunities and challenges for vendor strategists selling into insurance, banking, and securities markets, Forrester sorted through more than 43,000 client inquiries that its analysts responded to from January 2009 through the end of June 2010. The bottom line: All three segments are buying again and focused on the business results that technology can afford them. Tech vendor strategies must evolve to reflect how bankers, insurers, and financial market players adapt to cyclical and structural economic shifts and connect their offering to business values of the financial markets — not just focus on the technology.
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    • Different Industries, Different Economic Impacts Mean New Vendor Strategies
    • Tech Vendor Strategies Lag Customer Needs In A Volatile Economic Landscape

      Reflect New Industry Pacing And Cadence With More Agile Strategies
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    • Models & Calculators:

      Different Segments Turn Different Knobs To Cope With Changes In The Economy

    • Models & Calculators:

      Banking Inquiries Show An Industry Whipped By Cyclical And Regulatory Factors

    • Models & Calculators:

      Insurers Maintained Unerring Focus On Managing All Kinds Of Risk

    • Models & Calculators:

      Securities Inquiries Show Swing In Step With Market Events