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Five Global Marketplaces All Brands Must Know

The Opportunities For Brand Owners On Amazon, eBay, MercadoLibre, Rakuten, And Tmall

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    The global expansion process has changed substantially over the past five years, with eBusiness leaders no longer expanding internationally just by launching a series of direct-to-consumer websites. Many now create official storefronts on different marketplaces to extend their global reach. Five leading marketplaces provide particularly compelling options for brand owners looking to extend their global footprints. Why are brands increasingly turning to marketplaces as a supplemental online sales channel? What options exist for brand owners to build storefronts on different marketplaces? What are some of the challenges companies may face as they work together with these marketplaces? This report will help eBusiness leaders and brand owners understand the opportunities that exist with five key marketplaces across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.
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    • Marketplaces Have Taken The World By Storm
    • Five Global Marketplaces Stand Out Today
    • Other Global Marketplaces Also Offer Opportunities For Brands

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