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Five Key Storage Strategies For A Down Economy – A Client Choice Report

Tips To Make The Most Of A Tight Budget In The Face Of Ongoing Data Growth

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    It's clear that the economy is on a downward trajectory, and regardless of the duration or severity, there's no doubt that belt-tightening in IT spending will be the norm for the next year. At the same time, most IT budgets were already stagnant or slow-growing as firms have sought to cut their spending to maximize efficiency and profitability. With the sharp pace of data growth unlikely to abate any time soon, storage directors will find themselves in a very difficult position. While some application development or expansion projects might get put on hold, firms can't afford to jeopardize revenue-generating initiatives by delaying storage purchases, upgrades, or transformative initiatives, especially when the economic outlook gets bleak. This document proposes five strategies that can help to make the most of a tight budget, generate tangible savings, and meet business goals even when times are tight.
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