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Five Stages To Optimize The Research Process

Research Project Management Checklist Helps To Improve Research Quality, Activation And ROI

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    Enterprise market insights departments typically spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on research projects. Internal stakeholders leverage the results of these projects to inform strategies to drive competitive differentiation and customer approval. As such, optimizing the research project process is crucial to ensuring high-value insights that get implemented, have a positive impact, and ultimately show the ROI of market insights. The reality for many market insights professionals, however, is not this idyllic. Many organizations see their research projects go off-track, deliver subpar results, or deal with stakeholders who won't accept or implement findings. In analyzing successful and not so successful projects, Forrester has identified five key stages and more than 30 project steps that, when followed, can help market insights professionals optimize the research process and results.
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