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Five Steps To A Successful BYOC Program

A Pragmatic Approach To Achieve Both Freedom And Security

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    In 2012, as an I&O workforce computing professional, you will be faced with more people using their own computer for work than ever before. Many highly influential employees are already doing so, and are staying comfortably outside of your control. This creates an unstable situation because you are still on the hook for supporting them, and assuring security, but are being denied access or are not equipped with the right tools for the job. This report provides the guidance you need to establish a framework for managing and supporting employee-owned computers efficiently, while offering as much freedom to workers as possible and ensuring security at the same time. Platform-specific tool kit documents will also help you evaluate and choose the right tools for the level of management that's appropriate for your organization.
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    • Still Don't Have A BYOC Program? Get Ready For The Flood
    • I&O Stagnation Is Fueling BYOC Demand
    • Making The Case: Empowerment Equals Competitive Advantage
    • Step 1: Stop Fighting Your Workers, And Channel Their Ideas Instead
    • Step 2: Develop Personas To Understand Employee Work Styles
    • Step 3: Determine Which Personas Will Benefit Most From BYOC
    • Step 4: Define Your Self-Support Zones
    • Step 5: Use Client Virtualization To Expand The Self-Support Zone

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