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Five Trends That Will Change SaaS Sourcing

What Sourcing Professionals Need To Know About The Future Of SaaS

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    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has finally come of age and is now a staple of the technology landscape at most organizations. As organizations build on the basics of their SaaS sourcing and vendor management (SVM) strategy (policy, due diligence, contract terms, and governance), SVM executives must also look ahead to the emerging trends affecting the SaaS space. This report looks at five major forces in technology and how they will reshape SaaS sourcing: 1) industry specialization; 2) analytics; 3) cloud orchestration; 4) social; and 5) mobile. These five forces will not only affect SaaS sourcing as individual game changers but will also create new opportunities for new business value creation.
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    • Five Trends That Are Reshaping SaaS Now, And How SVM Executives Can Prepare

      Sourcing Strategists Must Prioritize Three Key Areas In SaaS Selection
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