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Forrester's 2014 Marketing Predictions: Big Data Makes Way For Smart Data Across Social, Mobile, And Media
December 30, 2013

The challenge of effective and consistent multichannel marketing has only just begun, as 2014 will mark even more channel choice thanks to increasing device proliferation, the Internet of Things, and the digitization of offline channels. So what will it take for marketers to be successful in this increasingly complex world? They must embrace the one concept underlying all marketing channels and the very best programs: data in, data out.

In a new predictions report, Forrester outlines how data-driven marketing will evolve in 2014, including:

Mobile's contextual data streams will take center stage as smartphone adoption soars. Mobile’s value as a marketing tool will be measured by more than just the effectiveness of marketing to people on mobile sites or apps. In 2014, most advanced marketers will use mobile data to evaluate the value of investing marketing efforts at specific locations, tracking promotions in stores, or simply enriching their marketing database to buy inventory more efficiently.

Data-driven media will create new ad products and targeting opportunities. More data-savvy marketers and publishers will have access to technologies such as data management platforms from vendors like X Plus One to take campaign targeting and effectiveness to a new level. As a result, marketing dollars will be spent more efficiently and effectively, reining in costs.

The database of affinity will power better marketing on social media and elsewhere. By the end of the year, any promoted posts that don’t leverage several layers of targeting or any tweet that wasn’t inspired and scheduled by data tools will be seen as old-fashioned and ineffective. What's more, social media’s value as a marketing tool will be measured by more than just the effectiveness of marketing to people on social sites. In 2014, many marketers will use social data to make their online display buys more effective.

Learn more about "Predictions 2014: Marketing Leaders Put Insights Into Use" here.

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