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Forrester's Contract Negotiation Framework

A Five-Phase Approach Bolsters Success By Balancing Vendor And Market Knowledge With Internal Preparation

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    Busy sourcing executives often get into "fire-fighting" mode when deals need finalizing — urgent contracts thrust on them by impatient business or IT users that "must get signed in the next two days" or similar situations. In this uncomfortable position, it is easy to get distracted and miss core components of an effective contract negotiation. Many clients have asked Forrester to publish its negotiation framework to act as a reference for their work and to help them avoid mistakes brought on by hectic schedules and conflicting user demands. Forrester's framework sets out a five-phase approach that helps clients capture the appropriate market knowledge they need while also marshalling the correct internal resources to achieve successful negotiations.
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    • Successful Negotiations Require In-Depth Knowledge Of Vendors And Yourself
    • Best-Practice Contract Negotiation Balances Internal And External Factors

      Negotiation Is Only One Of Many Interrelated Sourcing Processes
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