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CXNYC 2015

Forrester's Forum For Customer Experience Professionals

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - Wednesday, June 17, 2015New York, NY

Track Description

CX in B2B: Defining and delivering superior customer experience in B2B is especially challenging: The sales cycle can be long and complex, while layers of buyers, end users, distributors, integrators and partners can create confusion and noise. Nonetheless, the best B2B CX practitioners manage to orchestrate all the moving pieces.

Track Description

The Omnichannel Challenge: "Omnichannel" is a buzzword, often applied wantonly to any business that manages parallel or overlapping channels. But true omnichannel pioneers thoughtfully create experiences in which the differences between channels vanish, and their customers move between digital, physical and mobile easily and organically.

Track Description

Inside The Index: Forrester's Consumer Experience Index is a leading ranking of excellence in CX, by industry and brand. As the practice of CX itself has matured, so have our data collection methods and analytic tools. And the best practices of the leading brands have become more refined and precise.

Track Description

Customer Journeys: Journey maps rank among the most popular CX tools. And yet, far too often journey mapping exercises fail to get results. But among leading practitioners, best practices have emerged, and with proper planning, preparation, and facilitation, every journey map can succeed.

Track Description

Competitive Advantage: Excellence in customer experience is assumed to confer a significant, if not insurmountable, competitive edge. Yet some brands with superior CX struggle, while others with notoriously bad CX continue to thrive. What is the real-world linkage between excellence in CX and business performance, and how can that leverage be maximized?

Track Description

Embracing Emotion: All marketers know the power of emotional moments in advertising and marketing. And most brands seek to articulate some kind of emotional value. But the role of emotion in exceptional customer experiences is both deeper and more complex, requiring a nuanced understanding of your customers' needs and responses at every stage of their journeys.

Track Description

Innovators: To drive true differentiation and intense customer loyalty, CX innovators do more than tweak their customers' experiences, smooth their journeys or add digital bells and whistles. Instead, they redefine long-held assumptions and standard operating procedures, creating not just better experiences, but brand-new categories and business models.
  • Tuesday June 16

    • 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM

      Networking Breakfasts

      Option One: Open Breakfast


      In The Solutions Showcase


      Option Two: Breakfast Presentation With Acxiom -- The Journey of Data Driven Marketing

      Marketing and advertising is undergoing its biggest transformation since 1960. The change is all about data-driven marketing. By 2020, virtually all advertising and marketing impressions will be planned, bought, sold, and executed using household-level and individual-level data. This will change much of what we now know about how advertising is done in America. Join this session as we predict the skills and approaches that marketers will need to adapt to the new world.

      Rick Erwin, President, Audience Solutions Division, Acxiom

    • 08:30 AM - 08:40 AM

      Opening Remarks: CXNYC 2015
    • 08:40 AM - 09:50 AM

      Part One, featuring



      Forrester’s research shows that the emotional aspects of a customer’s experience have the biggest influence on loyalty in 16 of 17 industries studied. But when it comes to emotion, most business professionals regard the softer side of customer experience as accidental, not essential.

      That is a big mistake. In this 90-minute opening segment:

      Forrester Analysts Megan Burns and Anjali Lai will explore the meaning of emotion when it comes to customer experience, who is particularly good at understanding and managing customer emotion, and the impact that managing the emotional aspect of CX has on an organization’s behaviors.

      Rachel Shechtman, the founder of STORY, will discuss retail media, the model she pioneered, that prioritizes consumer engagement, community building and storytelling, including: Why experience per square foot is the new way. Why you need to be constantly seeking ways to surprise and delight the consumer. And why it's not just about curation anymore, it's about providing a context.

    • 09:50 AM - 10:20 AM

      Partner Presentation

      How Digital Is Allowing For Personalized, Emotional Connections

      Great customer experience increases loyalty, says Lithium's Katy Keim, but revenue is the Holy Grail of CX. Social and digital channels now give us powerful opportunities to connect on a scale we’ve never had before, providing important context on how your customers feel about your products and services. Brands can leverage the role that emotion plays in CX by connecting, engaging, and understanding their customers across their social channels, website, and communities.

      This session will leave CEOs, CIOs, chief customer officers, and senior digital executives with an understanding of:

      • How to engage customers and build loyalty across their total community.
      • How to identify and enlist key stakeholders — customers, employees, and influencers — to scale an awesome experience.
      • Why brands are hesitating to jump into this new world order.

      Katy Keim, Chief Marketing Officer & GM, Lithium Social Web

      Presented by Lithium

    • 10:20 AM - 11:10 AM

      Morning Networking Break

      In The Solutions Showcase

      Sponsored By Lithium


      Tech Demos



      Nili Goldberg, CMO, Kampyle

      Scott Voigt, CEO, FullStory

      Bill Hobbs, Customer Success Executive, Totango

      10:30-11:00 am

    • 11:10 AM - 11:50 AM

      Breakout Sessions

      Build A Thriving B2B Customer Experience


      B2B client teams serve diverse stakeholders. How do smart teams identify the critical stakeholders? How do they deliver value these groups seek? With TJ Keitt, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, featuring:

      Sadaf Kazmi, VP of eCommerce, Staples Advantage

      Stephanie Meyer, Head of Global Marketing Operations, GE Healthcare

      Win In An Omnichannel World


      How to blend online and offline? What tools and methods are needed for true omnichannel capability? With Deanna Laufer, Analyst, Forrester Research, featuring:

      Mary Campbell, EVP, Commerce Platforms, QVC

      Linda Dillman, Chief Technology Officer, QVC

      Sponsor: RichRelevance

      Cure What Ails Your CX


      Forrester says only 1% of companies achieve CX excellence. How can you identify and prioritize the elements of CX that drive loyalty and revenue? With Roxana Strohmenger, Director, Data Insights Innovation, Forrester Research.

      Seven Steps Of Effective Journey Maps


      Journey maps empower you to build and improve CX from the outside in. Learn how to get the job done right. With Rick Parrish, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research 

      Sponsor: ISIS Papyrus

      Networking Session: Driving Your CX Agenda


      Join other CX leaders in a networking session to help embrace collaboration, share insights and expand your network. With Danielle Palumbo, Senior Advisor, and Erin Streeter VP, Forrester Research Leadership Boards.

    • 11:50 AM - 12:00 PM

    • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

      Creating A Culture For Success: How Hilton’s Optimization Program Enables Them To Meet Key Business Objectives

      When an organization has an idea for a new functionality to improve the customer experience, the next question is usually, “How?” The optimization program in place at Hilton enables the team to address and implement their ideas with incredible efficiency. Their governance structure allows the team to be nimble and creative, making it possible to use optimization tools to their absolute fullest extent. Functionalities that would be untimely or costly become seamless and answerable.

      Presented By Maxymiser


    • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

      Brand Relationships: The Good Is Expected; The Bad Goes Viral.

      Lessons From The Trenches Of Customer Experience

      To deliver on their promise, the best customer experience (CX) technologies require equally exceptional CX practitioners and customer-facing business processes. The key is to know — in the eyes of the customer — how best to deploy these assets.

      In this session, Howard Beader will unveil SDL’s latest global customer experience thought leadership research: When customer experience fails (and when it triumphs), exactly what happens, and why? 

      In this session, you will learn:

      • What customer experience failures lead to a brand break-up?
      • Can you really ever win back ex-customers?
      • How do you maintain the customer’s commitment?
      • How do customers share CX successes and failures?

      Presented By SDL

    • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

      Transforming Engagements On The Digital Channels For Exceptional Customer Experiences At Wyndham Worldwide

      With 86 eCommerce sites serving more than 100 countries, Wyndham Worldwide has committed to providing exceptional customer experiences to their members. Wyndham Worldwide understands that to be ahead of the ever-evolving digital landscape, it needs to optimize its web and mobile experiences to strengthen customer engagement. With the power of IBM Customer Experience Analytics, Wyndham is empowered with actionable customer context to continuously enhance their digital channels and drive increased satisfaction and revenues. In this session, you will learn how Wyndham leverages IBM Customer Experience Analytics solutions to both proactively and reactively address customer experience challenges and opportunities to achieve their vision of being a trusted vacation advisor for their members. 

      Presented By IBM

    • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

      Guest Executive Forum With Neustar
    • 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

      Networking Lunch

      In The Solutions Showcase


      Theatre Presentation

      with Qualtrics

      The Secret To JetBlue's Customer Experience Success
      Want to improve your CX, CSAT, or VoC program? Join us as we introduce the "What, How, Now Model" that JetBlue Airways uses to continuously earn the highest score among airlines in Forrester's Customer Experience Index..

      Ryan Nelsen , Head of Product Marketing, Customer Experience, Qualtrics


    • 01:30 PM - 03:20 PM

      Part Two, featuring


      Companies like Southwest and USAA have great CX and great business success. But when Borders closed its doors, its customers rated its experience as excellent. Meanwhile, health insurers and cable companies thrive despite famously poor CX. What’s going on?

      In this part of the program, Forrester analyst Harley Manning, will explore customer experience as a competitive advantage, including the factors that determine whether CX is relevant to your industry, and how to ensure that your CX investments are worthwhile.

      Raul Leal will discuss how Virgin’s core brand values play a pivotal role in the success of expansion into new industries.


      Adam Weber will focus on the Dollar Shave Club’s relentless focus on creating a brand experience that turns consumers into loyalists.


      Rasesh Patel will illustrate DIRECTV's comprehensive approach to redefining the CX and explain why CX is a stacked win for customers, employees and shareholders.


    • 03:20 PM - 04:10 PM

      Afternoon Networking Break

      In The Solutions Showcase

      Sponsored By 24/7


      Speaker Spotlight Q&A



      Katy Keim, Chief Marketing Officer & GM, Lithium Social Web

      Stephanie Meyer, Head of Global Marketing Operations, GE Healthcare

      Raul Leal, CEO, Virgin Hotels

      Adam Weber, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Dollar Shave Club

      3:30-4:00 pm

    • 04:10 PM - 06:00 PM

      Part Three, featuring



      Design-driven companies outperform the S&P 500 by 228%. But just 29% of companies surveyed by Forrester follow a formal design process. Without a rigorous and sophisticated approach to design, businesses have no hope of gaining, and sustaining, a competitive advantage through customer experience.

      Forrester analyst Allegra Burnette will explore the relationship between CX and design, including how companies integrate design into their businesses, as well as the behaviors, activities, and values that organizations must adopt to fuel effective design.

      Charlie Hill will discuss IBM’s companywide initiative of building design into everything they do, and hence changing the way they work.


      Parrish Hanna will share how the synthesis of emerging technologies, consumer understanding, and thoughtful physical and digital design enable an easy, smart, and safe consumer interaction with Ford vehicles.


      Wells Fargo’s Mark McCormick will explain the important role ethnographic research plays in developing a comprehensive CX strategy.


      Kit Hickey will explain Ministry of Supply’s cyclical design processes for fashion and reveal their innovation toolkit that helped to launch their success.

    • 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

      Networking Drinks Reception

      In The Solutions Showcase

      Sponsored By Synthesio


      Speaker Spotlight Q&A



      Parrish Hanna, Global Director, Human Machine Interface, Ford Motor Company

      Charlie Hill, Chief Technical Officer for Design, IBM

      Rasesh Patel, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, DIRECTV

      Mark McCormick, Head of Wholesale User Experience, Wells Fargo

      6:15-6:45 pm

  • Wednesday June 17

    • 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM

      Networking Breakfasts

      Option One: Open Breakfast


      In The Solutions Showcase


      Option Two: Breakfast Presentation With Adobe -- Innovating In The Age Of The Customer

      With the ever-expanding expectation of customers to find and act on information at any time, on any device, brands must have digital experience delivery at the forefront of their customer engagement strategy. How do you future-proof your strategy to stay competitive? During this session, you will learn why your brand’s relevance depends on delivering great customer experiences and how one of Adobe’s customers, American Century Investments, is using digital to innovate in order to deliver engaging experiences to their customers.

      Loni Stark, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, Adobe

      Adam Claxton, Director of Digital, American Century Investments

    • 08:30 AM - 08:40 AM

    • 08:40 AM - 10:00 AM

      PART FOUR, featuring



      Seven years of Forrester’s CX Index data shows that companies are adept at fixing broken experiences. But few have succeeded at creating great experiences. To differentiate, firms must challenge existing experience models and deliver new value to customers.

      In this part of the program, Forrester analyst Tony Costa, will reveal how CX innovation drives business success, what practices and behaviors firms should adopt to innovate their customer experience, and how firms foster CX innovation within their organizations.

      Beth Ann Kaminkow will discuss how she’s collaborating with Westfield Labs digital innovation group to articulate a new vision for the future of retail.


      Birchbox’s Liz Crawford will reveal the impact data has on creating a seamless, personalized customer experience.


      Blaine E. Hurst will share the practical lessons he learned while launching Panera 2.0. He’ll also explain why innovation is not just about the technology…it’s about a better customer experience.


    • 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

      Partner Presentation

      The Advocacy Blueprint: Building Innovative Experiences That Transform Customers Into Advocates

      Over a recent six-year period, companies that were leaders in customer experience saw their stock performance generate a total return that was three times higher than the average S&P 500 Index, while customer experience laggards trailed the S&P 500 by 33%. Successful organizations must have an innovative end-to-end customer-centric strategy to succeed as they navigate the new and dynamic mobile, social, cloud, and digital environment. The key is to unleash overall business innovation by combining judgment-driven evaluations and data-driven analysis to identify key customer journeys, and then engage the entire organization in redesigning the customer experience. Discover the path to redesigning a new CX blueprint that will provide simple, seamless experiences and transform your customers into advocates.

      Bill Hobbib, VP, eCommerce & Social, CX Applications Business Group, Oracle

      John Dalton, VP, Research Director, Forrester Research

      Presented by Oracle

    • 10:30 AM - 11:20 AM

      Morning Networking Break

      In The Solutions Showcase


      Tech Demos



      Manish Goel, CEO, TrustSphere

      Daniel Romano, Co-Founder & CEO, MentAd

      10:40-11:10 am

    • 11:20 AM - 12:00 PM


      The Competitive Edge


      Trunk Club traces its customers’ "arc of desire" -- unlocking not just what people want, but what they need. John Tucker explains how -- and why it’s not for everyone. Interviewed by Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research.


      John Tucker, VP of Member Experience, Trunk Club

      Start Innovating With Future-State Journey Mapping

      Learn how to use future-state journey mapping to unlock new areas of value, create new offerings, and envision the future. Presented by Tony Costa, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research.

      Innovators Uncensored


      Hear from three start-ups who are taking CX innovation to the next level, moderated by Leah Buley, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.


      Michael Kim, Director of CX, Casper

      Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO and Founder, Zola

      Ted Power, Co-Founder, Abacus

      Shoulder To Shoulder: Patients As Partners


      Learn how Dana-Farber Cancer Institute nurtures an environment of partnership with "customers" who are the patients and families for whom they provide care. Interview by Michael E. Gazala VP, Research Director, Forrester Research.


      Anne Gross, VP, Nursing & Clinical Services, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    • 12:00 PM - 12:10 PM

    • 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

      Drive Revenue And Retention Through Personalized Customer Experiences

      Customer engagement is no longer a one-way street.  How do you engage your customers across multiple channels and deliver the right content, at the right place, at the right time?  Big data holds the answers you need to make intelligent decisions — if you have the tools to access those insights.  Learn how organizations innovate with HP Marketing Optimization technology to deliver personalized experiences that excite and engage audiences, reach new segments, and increase conversions.

      Presented By HP

    • 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

      Enabling Effortless Customer Engagement

      Customers interact with companies across a wide range of channels — Web, mobile, email, call center, and more. Personalizing journeys and conversations is key to building valuable relationships. Join Thunderhead to discuss how to meet evolving expectations by delivering effortless and joined-up experiences every time that build real customer engagement. We will discuss:

      • How customer expectations drive engagement strategies.
      • How to make customers happier by treating them as individuals and managing their end-to-end journey.
      • How to integrate customer engagement across all channels.

      Presented by Thunderhead

    • 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

      Designing for Love? Insights From The Love Index

      Research suggests that satisfaction and loyalty scores alone may be masking actionable opportunities for improving customer engagement with digital services. But what about true brand love? This session will leave attendees with an understanding of:

      • How the Love Index can help better identify the highs and lows of customer engagement.
      • The five dimensions of customer experience that must be considered.
      • Three key facets that offer new understanding of a customer’s user delight.

      Presented By Accenture Digital

    • 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

      Empowering Your Firm’s Customer Experience

      Delivering a positive and differentiated interaction is a foundational element of customer experience. But, beyond creating advocacy and loyalty, how can firms take customer experience to a new level? How can you drive tangible business value that points to next best actions? DST helps firms redefine their customer experience strategy by leveraging advanced data analytics to deliver insights, define actions, and shape business outcomes and results.

      Presented by DST

    • 12:40 PM - 01:40 PM

      Networking Lunch

      In The Solutions Showcase


      Speaker Spotlight Q&A



      Blaine E. Hurst, VP, Chief Transformation and Growth Officer, Panera Bread

      Kit Hickey, Co-Founder, Head of Experience, Ministry of Supply

      Beth Ann Kaminkow, Chief Marketing Officer, Westfield Group

      12:50-1:50 pm

    • 01:40 PM - 03:10 PM

      PART FIVE, featuring



      Many people think that the job of CX pros is to improve the customer experience, but really their job is to help their company become more customer-obsessed.

      Forrester analyst Leah Buley will discuss the key characteristics of a customer-obsessed company, how to cultivate and sustain customer obsession, and how to leverage your existing organization to become customer-obsessed.

      Cadillac’s Melody Lee has a vision: To create a global luxury brand that just happens to sell cars. She is leading a "total brand immersion," a cultural shift encompassing everything from marketing mix to the location of its corporate headquarters.

      Regardless of the team’s performance, or the weather, fans expect -- even demand -- a good experience from this iconic pastime. New York Mets’ Chris Brown will discuss his strategy for making guests happy through their entire journey.

      Scott Zimmer will share how he’s assembled Capital One’s Design Thinking, UX design and user research onto a single, in-house team that can iterate, ship and win customer praise faster than ever.