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Forrester's Summit For Marketing & Strategy Professionals: Australia

Winning In The Age Of The Customer

Wednesday, August 13, 2014Sydney
  • Wednesday August 13

    • 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

      Registration & Refreshments In The Solutions Showcase
    • 09:30 AM - 09:45 AM

      Winning In The Age Of The Customer: Opening Remarks

      This new era represents enormous challenges for global marketers, but how are Australian firms meeting this challenge? Michael addresses:

      • What is the age of the customer, and what challenges does it represent for marketing and strategy professionals?
      • What is the role of customer experience in this new era?
      • What is the state of customer experience management in Australia?
      • What can Australian firms do now to start winning in the age of the customer?

    • 09:45 AM - 10:15 AM

      Industry Case Study: Customers Don't Want To Buy Products - Improving The Customer Experience By Understanding The Role Of Products In Their Lives

      We spend alot of time thinking about how to reach our customers and how to sell them the right products. And we say we want to get closer to our customers. But what does that really mean? Do we see and/or define our customers as just the sum of their interactions with us? This is a story about what you can understand if you zoom out and take an outside-in perspective.

    • 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

      Industry Case Study: Customer- Centric The Optus Digital Transformation Journey


      At the start of 2012, Optus took the first steps on a path of radically reinvigorating its brand and value proposition for Australian telecommunications customers. Not simply a brand refresh, it was a fundamental change to how Optus's people think and behave for our brand, our people and our customers. 

      As a part of this change, it became clear that Optus's digital presence also needed to change fundamentally.  This presentation looks at the approach Optus has taken to delivering a truly customer-centric experience in all of our digital touch-points.


    • 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

      Platinum Session With Lithium: The Age Of Extreme Customer Expectations

      Forrester outlines the Age of the Customer, but we need to remember that the customer is demanding, impatient, skeptical and connected too. This session will share the characteristics of "Extreme Expectations" including data from a recent research study conducted in Australia, Europe and the US. It will provide executives and marketers ideas on: 

      • How to leverage digital and social strategies to survive this 'now' mentality.
      • Strategies to start with the customer needs, not the company's.
      • Clear examples of which brands are meeting, and exceeding, Extreme Expectations. 
    • 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

      Morning Networking Break in the Solutions Showcase
    • 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

      Master The Mobile Mind Shift

      Consumers reach for their mobile phones and expect instant access to relevant information. Is your company ready to serve your customers in these mobile moments? In this session, Julie, co-author of Forrester's new book The Mobile Mind Shift, will address:

      • How mobile has changed your customers’ behaviors.
      • How you can identify your customers’ “mobile moments.”
      • What steps customer experience professionals should take to prepare for the mobile mind shift.
    • 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM

      Guest Executive Forum With Signal : Harnessing the Power of Data To Drive Customer Experiences

      Despite investing millions in marketing solutions, delivering relevant cross-channel experiences remains challenging. Brands don’t need more capabilities, they need existing data and technology assets to work better together. This session identifies an approach for taking control of data collection, integration, and distribution for increased customer engagement, loyalty, and conversions.

    • 12:45 PM - 01:45 PM

      Networking Lunch In The Solutions Showcase
    • 01:45 PM - 02:15 PM

      Industry Case Study: Welcome To The Digital Revolution

      The Digital Revolution is well underway and shows no signs of slowing. This has given rise to 3 trends: 1) Customer Experience Matters, 2) Innovating to Solve Customer Problems, and 3)  Humanising the digital experience. In his presentation, Angelo will share with the audience Westpac’s Digital journey and demonstrate how Westpac is delivering to the above 3 trends.

    • 02:15 PM - 02:45 PM

      Industry Case Study: Ding Dong to

      The digital journey is full of potential roadblocks. Overcoming these challenges is critical to driving true transformation. This session will help guide attendees on the path to digital disruption. Key topics include:

      • Overcoming traditional operational practices, approaches and mindsets to enable change.
      • Embracing an omni-channel approach to customer engagement and value delivery.
      • Implementing systematic, measurable change to ensure enterprise-wide impact.

    • 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM

      Afternoon Networking Break in The Solutions Showcase
    • 03:15 PM - 03:45 PM

      Guest Executive Forum With Oracle Marketing Cloud : Modern Marketing: Personalizing the Digital Dialog

      Traditional marketers have struggled with being reactive to how customers engage with brands. Being reactive disempowers the marketer and delivers a fragmented experience. But Modern Marketers are transforming digital interactions into a new digital dialogue. Marketers can now be proactive with a strategy that takes advantage of a customer’s digital access to online research, opinion, and social networks by creating engaging conversations and building personal relationships. They are turning suspects into advocates using behaviours, actionable data, social listening, personas, and personal profiles to create ideal customers and customer-obsessed marketing cultures. 

    • 03:45 PM - 04:15 PM

      Industry Case Study: For The Love Of Data: Creating Personalized Customer Experiences To Create Customer Love

      In our fragmented world it is difficult to get the attention of our customers and even more challenging to keep them loyal. However, some brands get the cut through, establish true engagement and go beyond loyalty to customer love”. Creating these customer advocates is the panacea of marketing and yet it’s achieved by so few.  

      What is it that these brands do differently and what are the elements that make them so successful? What do marketers need to do for customer to not only like a brand – but to love it? 

      This session looks at the role that data, technology, content and creativity play in reaching customers and getting true engagement and how a stand-out customer experience can result in customer love.

    • 04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

      Turn Big Data Into Business Insights

      Does your company see the value in big data but need help converting that knowledge into actionable insight? During this session, Fatemeh will explain to marketing professionals

      • Why big data is key to creating a competitive advantage.
      • How to make insights actionable.
      • Examples of what some best-in-class measurement firms are doing to change their strategy based on these insights. 


    • 04:45 PM - 05:00 PM

      Closing Remarks
    • 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

      Networking Drinks Reception In The Solutions Showcase