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Four Common Private Cloud Strategies

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    From surveys, interviews, and inquiry calls, Forrester is seeing an emergence of four private cloud approaches that are driven by very different strategies and thus have variant scope and results. The first approach is driven by enhanced virtualization, targeted at management and provisioning time improvements for existing virtual environments. The second approach involves test/dev clouds and is focused on deterring unauthorized public cloud usage and providing fast access to resources internally. The third strategy is led by the business to deliver public-cloud-like resources internally but is not limited to test/dev resources. The fourth approach involves a transformational cloud, aimed at widespread change within the IT organization for process improvements, business/IT alignment, or creating/enhancing IT services that directly tie to revenue generation. This report profiles each of these strategies in terms of size, price, influencers, and drivers. Even if your own strategy doesn't cleanly align with one of our use cases, this report pinpoints key questions and best practices you can follow in your own strategy creation.
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    • Four Common Cloud Approaches Emerge
    • Four Approaches: Profiling The Philosophy And Its Characteristics

      The Do's And Don'ts Of Private Cloud
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