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From Agile Development To Agile Engagement

Agile Might Start In Development, But It Can't Stop There

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    Agile development practices continue to spread across development functions in technology companies. When technology companies adopt Agile practices in the development organization, these changes have ripple effects on other departments whose work is tied to the development cycle — such as QA, product management, marketing, sales, support, consulting, and business development. As our survey of technology companies shows, Agile can inspire improvements in how technology companies operate, even if they don't pay much attention to the effect on relationships between development teams and the rest of the organization. To reach the full potential of Agile and to avoid the potential pitfalls of these unintended consequences, companies need more conscious, dedicated efforts around the adoption of Agile across product-related functions.
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    • Agile Tunes The Engine, But The Rest Of The Car Needs An Upgrade
    • Agile Methodologies Have Focused More On The Engine Than The Car
    • What Happens If You Only Upgrade The Engine?
    • Agile Development Creates The Need For Agile Engagement

      Tune Performance One Component At A Time

      Agile Development Can't Ignore Agile Engagement
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