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Fuel Business Growth Via The BT Innovation Portfolio

Portfolio Management: The Innovation Playbook

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    While many organizations believe that they can generate innovative ideas, few have defined processes to empirically evaluate the ideas and make the proper funding decisions on a case-by-case basis. Fewer still make these decisions holistically — considering the organization's strategic plans and road maps, market needs and opportunities, and organizational capacity for change. Likewise, few organizations manage the suite of innovation investments and prototypes as more than a collection of speculative individual investments — to the detriment of the organization and the manager who will likely be evaluated based on individual investment success, rather than portfolio success. Innovations can and should be managed as a portfolio, and this report discusses how to do it.
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    • The Innovation Portfolio Is The Fuel For Future Growth
    • Segment The Portfolio To Clarify Investments And Communications
    • Four Tips To Help Execute Your Innovation Portfolio
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