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Gen Y Won't Change Workplace Collaboration; Better Integrated Tools Will

Demystifying The Myth Of A Gen-Y-Led Workplace Revolution

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    Gen Yers in the US workforce, those between the ages of 18 and 29, are a confounding phenomenon. Some employers see their self-assured, authority-wary ways as a detriment to business while others see their tech-savvy as a harbinger of a new collaborative era. In Forrester's research we found something else: Gen Yers are neither rocking the boat nor are they leading a technological revolution. Strategists at collaboration software companies, this is your wake-up call: Information workers in general are not using your tools, and our future business leaders are no different. The answer? Rethink how your tools fit in an organization's work — they must be part of a business process, not a flourish outside of it.
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    • Younger Workers Alone Do Not Make Collaboration Go

      It's Time To Intertwine Collaboration Tools With Business Tasks
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