George Lawrie

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

George serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He brings to Forrester more than two decades of experience deploying global enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications in complex multinationals. During his five years with Forrester, George has led research into topics such as SAP deployment best practices, ERP consolidation, IT investment prioritization, global data synchronization, and trade promotion management.

George has been quoted in general business media such as the Financial Times and specialist publications such as Retail Week. He is a popular speaker and has appeared on the BBC and Sky. He has led sessions at user conferences for vendors such as IRI and Progress Software and well-received sessions at Forrester events.

Previous Work Experience

George was a senior analyst at Forrester Research from January 2003 to November 2005, publishing and advising clients on consumer goods value chain topics. Prior to joining Forrester, his 20-year IT career included senior implementation and customer service, product management, and business development roles in firms such as MSA, Digital, SSA, and Mapics. Prior to rejoining Forrester in April 2007, he was general manager in one of BT's enterprises, building a portfolio of convergence applications and services for large enterprises.


George has a bachelor's degree in economics from Exeter University and a master's degree in operational research from Warwick University Business School. George has been the architect and lead implementer for global ERP, supply chain, and financial implementations for multinationals operating in B2C and B2B markets. He holds APICS CPIM certification and is a Goldratt Institute-certified Jonah. He is a CIMA-qualified accountant and a certified management consultant. He is member by examination and professional experience of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of the British Computer Society.

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