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    This report outlines how sourcing and vendor management (SVM) executives can implement Forrester's strategic software sourcing model. Our research has shown us that transactional procurement is ineffective in today's software market, with major technology trends such as big data, cloud, and mobile changing the way we choose and use software. IT colleagues and business users exclude sourcing professionals from their decision processes and ignore commercial criteria when picking suppliers. Yet they expect you to negotiate great deals, despite having little leverage with powerful technology giants, who expect more revenue than enterprises can afford to provide. Forrester's strategic software sourcing playbook explains how to reduce reactive transactional battles using a more strategic approach that will help you improve supplier relationships and get more value for your software expenditure. It will also help procurement professionals who are already using a strategic approach to refine and optimize their software sourcing.

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    • Reactive Procurement Does Not Work In Today's Software World
    • Strategic Software Sourcing Maximizes And Focuses Your Leverage
    • Transform Your Software Sourcing From Reactive To Strategic

      Strategic Software Sourcing Will Cut Some Suppliers' Power
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