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Global Banking Platform Deals 2009: Regions And Functionality

A Cold Breeze And Only One Hot Region Characterize The 2009 Market

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    Forrester surveyed 17 vendors of globally deployed banking platforms on their 2009 deals. The regional analysis shows that Asia Pacific has been the single highly active region. Most of the remaining regions of the world show different levels of mediocre deal activity, and South America was the only region that increased its banking platform activities significantly, albeit starting from a comparably low level. Core banking has regained the pole position in the functionality race, followed by customer data management and customer relationship management. Banks looking for mainstream functional building blocks in the most-active countries will have plenty of choice; the others don't. Individual regions and the most-active countries show heterogeneous functional demand patterns because fewer vendors have delivered solutions for nonmainstream functionality in their market.
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    • Most World Regions Only Showed Mediocre Banking Platform Deal Activity
    • The Year 2009 Saw Key Regional Markets Cooling Down
    • Banks In All Seven Regions Signed For Similar Key Functional Areas
    • Unsurprisingly, North America Was The Focal Area For Hosted Offerings

      Selecting A Banking Platform Has Become Easier — But Certainly Not Easy
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