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Google, Amazon, Apple, And Facebook: What eBusiness Executives Need To Know For 2012 – A Social Computing Report

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    As four of the largest and arguably most currently influential technology companies — Google,, Apple, and Facebook — continue to exhibit ambitious tendencies to capture consumer information and transaction data, eBusiness executives are left to ponder the impact of these players on their day-to-day businesses. These companies collectively have a market capitalization of more than $700 billion and are increasingly viewed as the gateways to Internet traffic. Their impact on eBusiness ranges from interesting and innocuous forays into commerce to disruptive forces that must be approached with circumspection.
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    • Four Technology Titans Make Big eBusiness Moves In 2011
    • Some eBusinesses Have More Reasons To Fear Than Others
    • The eBusiness Landscape Is Constantly Shifting (And Displacing Incumbents)

      Beware Of The Tech Titans, But Follow Their Best Practices
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