Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Every organizational business function and process is governed in some way to meet objectives. Each of these objectives has risks, as well as controls that increase the likelihood of success (or minimize the impact of failure). These are the fundamental concepts of GRC. To maximize business performance, GRC programs are designed to help companies avoid major disasters and minimize the impact when avoidance is unlikely.


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  • For Security & Risk Professionals

    Report: The Five Milestones To GDPR Success

    With the deadline to become GDPR-compliant fast approaching, privacy and security professionals must act now. However, the task feels overwhelming. Where should I start? What should I include as...

  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report: Social Crisis Management: Get Back To Basics

    With consumers more polarized than ever and increasingly showing their own values in the way they spend their money, brands worry about making missteps on social media and falling out of favor. ...

  • For Security & Risk Professionals

    Report: Cultivate Culture For Sustained GRC Performance

    A corporate culture with strong values is integral to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs — and, therefore, to the entire company. This report explains how significantly culture affe...

  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report: Use The DOL Fiduciary Rule As A Catalyst For Transformation

    Originally slated for April 10, 2017, the US Department of Labor's conflict of interest fiduciary rule has been delayed and is now scheduled to go into effect on June 9. Executives in the US wea...

  • For B2C Marketing Professionals

    Report: The Values-Based Consumer

    Consumer decision making is changing: Shoppers increasingly evaluate products and brands based on a company's ethics and values. Empowered customers, marked by their sophisticated digital behavi...

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