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    For 25 years, a one-size-fits-all approach to workforce technology worked just fine, but those days are fading fast. With overall adoption levels surprisingly low on the one hand, and yet with some employee groups racing ahead with Web 2.0 and other consumer technologies, it's time for IT to give up on one-size-fits-all and instead master the real needs of employees. Workforce personas — we named them Michael, Diane, Oliver, and Andie — are a simple technique borrowed from consumer market research to help IT pros characterize and profile the needs of these different employee segments. Harness workforce personas to save money on the next rollout of Microsoft Office, anticipate adoption barriers for workforce technology, and increase satisfaction with advanced collaboration or mobility tools. The end game? Persona-driven provisioning.
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    • One-Size-Fits-All Fails On Five Fronts
    • Segmentation Is A Better Approach
    • Meet Your Workforce Personas
    • How To Make Workforce Personas Work For You
    • FAQs About Workforce Personas

      Thrive In The Era Of Persona-Driven Provisioning
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