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Harnessing Social Networking To Drive Transformation – A Social Computing Report

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    When one of the world's largest defense contractors says, "We need to move from a culture of 'need to know' to a culture of 'need to share,'" you stop and listen. Competing in an industry driven by the mantra "loose lips sink ships," BAE Systems has identified a greater threat: failing to tap the collective wisdom and actions of its people. Smart organizations are looking to tap into the full power of the enterprise and beyond to drive better and faster decisions and to foster innovation that will keep them at the forefront of the changing economy. One approach that's top of mind for business technology leaders is the use of social networks to drive communities that span traditional organizational structures, or a Facebook for the enterprise. The types of organizations that are leading the trend may well surprise you.
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    • A Shift In The Web 2.0 Conversation
    • Social Networks Upend An Enterprise Collaboration Legacy
    • Big Social Networking Wins From Unconventional Sources

      Now Is The Time To Evaluate Social Networking In Your Organization

      Laugh At The Social Networking Sea Change At Your Own Peril
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