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Harnessing The Convergence Of Customer Experience Management Solutions

C&C Pros Must Define The Role Of Content In The CXM Ecosystem

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    A new type of solution is emerging from a variety of content management, eCommerce, and marketing technology products. To manage cross-touchpoint customer experiences, vendors like Autonomy, Adobe, IBM, and more have built or acquired solutions from these categories, as well as others like site search, testing and optimization, personalization, and customer service/interaction management. The goal? To support targeted experiences — both automated and rule-driven — across multichannel digital experiences as well as offline points of contact such as call centers and stores/branches. Organizations use increasingly complex cross-channel strategies to drive customer response, and more will take advantage of customer experience management (CXM) solutions — particularly in the online channels — to drive optimized experiences, improve service levels, and increase sales. Content management solutions will provide an important foundation for CXM and will need to integrate with other applications to form CXM solutions.
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