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Henry Peyret

Principal Analyst

Sessions Featuring This Speaker

Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders


  • 12:45 PM - 01:25 PM

    From Mobile Silos To Mobile Enterprise Architecture

    Businesses are rushing to develop mobile apps for their customers and for their field staff. But as these initiatives proliferate, firms run the risk of the same disconnected architectures they experienced with the rise of the Web. You need to understand:

    • Mobile's impact on architecture domains.
    • What mobile means for solution architecture governance.
    • Tomorrow’s challenges that you should address today.

Research Focus

Henry serves enterprise architecture (EA) professionals by helping them understand the concepts, techniques, and tools they need to support the digital business. His current research focuses on integration — both internal to a business and business to business — and on data governance, stewardship, and discovery. Henry also has a separate research stream on how customers' values affect companies and government.

Previous Work Experience

Henry has done previous work on master data management, enterprise application integration, middleware, adapters, business activity monitoring, enterprise architecture tools, and open source and risks issues.

Henry came to Forrester through its acquisition of Giga Information Group and Giga's affiliation with GigaGroup. He brings more than 30 years of IT experience to his clients. Prior to joining GigaGroup, he was the technical director of Euriware, a French IT services company specializing in industrial IT and related technologies. In addition, Henry was involved as chief architect in strategic projects for large telecommunications, automotive, and marketplace customers.

At earlier stages of his career, he held various technical positions in a knowledge management company and at Alcatel.


Henry is the author or coauthor of many reference articles and books on IT architecture. He has a master's degree in IT from the ESIEE engineering school in Paris. He is fluent in French and English and is based in Paris.