Henry Peyret

Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Henry serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals. His research focuses on the concepts, techniques, and tools required to bring business agility within enterprises. He publishes research around key agility indicators and agile governance and applies these principles to change EA practices to help build a sustainable business agility. Business agility depends highly on the level of enterprise risks the decision-makers can take. He is also researching metadata management as a means to bring agility at the right cost for IT supporting business agility. Business-Centered EA (BCEA) is the Forrester method to help build business agility.

Henry also researches the customer reaction component of business agility through the concept of Web4 by studying activists' social computing.

He thinks that collaboration would require a lot of change management to bring not only a productivity increase but the business agility required by large organizations.

Previous Work Experience

Henry has done some previous work on master data management, enterprise application integration, middleware, adapters, business activity monitoring

, enterprise architecture tools, and ppen source and risks issues.

Henry came to Forrester through its acquisition of Giga Information Group and Giga's affiliation with GigaGroup. He brings 21 years of IT experience to his clients. Prior to joining GigaGroup, he was the technical director of Euriware, a French IT services company specializing in industrial IT and related technologies. In addition, Henry was involved as chief architect in strategic projects for large telecommunications, automotive, and marketplace customers.

At earlier stages of his career, Henry held various technical positions in a knowledge management company and at Alcatel CIT.


Henry is the author or co-author of many reference articles and books on IT architecture. He has a master's degree in IT from the ESIEE engineering school in Paris. He is fluent in French and English and is based in Paris.

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