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Hot Insurance Tech Companies To Watch In 2010

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    The insurance industry toughed it through the darkest days of the downturn by focusing on two perennial business themes — cutting costs and driving efficiency. But as the economy returns to growth, insurers are now aiming for business growth and profitable revenue. As a result, carriers are again turning to tech to help them address the delicate act of balancing efficiency and growth. Technology providers are finding receptive audiences within insurers for new technology, new delivery approaches for legacy technology, and even new suppliers. This report provides brief descriptions of companies meeting diverse or emerging insurance industry needs and offers insights into new, strategic opportunities for vendor partnerships and acquisitions in areas like agent performance, supply chain management, business intelligence (BI) and analytics, and core insurance applications for global insurers.
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    • Emerging Trends Are Driving Insurance IT To Get An Extreme Makeover
    • Companies To Watch In 2010

      Thrive By Recognizing When Technology Addresses Industry Market Changes
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