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How Business Process Pros Can Increase IT's Business Process Orientation – A Business Technology (BT) Report

Six Steps Process Professionals And IT Need To Perform In Collaboration

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    Business process professionals (BPPs) often complain about IT's ability to support them in delivering the performance optimization they are expected to provide together. The problem seems rooted in IT's traditional position as a supplier of infrastructure services and its lack of business process insights. BPPs must work with IT decision-makers to increase IT's business process orientation via three levers: 1) create specialized centers of excellence (COEs) in BPM and business technology (BT) support; 2) build the demand management process and function to coordinate the BPM COEs' activity and make sure that the usage of BT through processes is optimized enterprisewide; and 3) formalize business-driven governance to empower business process managers with active leadership for tech decisions. Depending on how BPPs collaborate with IT decision-makers to handle these levers, IT organizations' process maturity is either immature, aspiring, or mature. BPPs can substantially increase the maturity of their enterprise business process initiatives with six steps.
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    • Expectations For BT-Powered Business Process Optimization Climb Higher
    • Business Demand Drives A New BT Model Focusing On Business Process Optimization
    • IT's Road Map To BT Follows Three Maturity Levels

      Six Steps To Increase IT's Business Process Orientation
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