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How Consumerization Drives Innovation

Your Technology And Culture Create An Environment Of Empowered Employees

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    Consumerization — employees using devices, applications, and web services without permission — is a threat to the status quo and a risk to the security of the firm. But it's also a key driver of employee-led "groundswell" innovation. Just how much so becomes clear in Forrester's study of more than 5,000 information workers. Highly empowered and resourceful operatives (HEROes) — the 17% of information workers in North America and Europe that feel empowered to solve problems and act resourcefully with technology to do so — are the innovators, advocates, and leaders in your organization. You will find HEROes everywhere in your firm, but especially in your sales, marketing, and leadership ranks. The good news is that technology plays a big role in empowering employees to innovate. Collaboration tools help employees connect to solve problems and create breakthrough solutions. Mobile devices help them be productive from anywhere. And most importantly, the permission to use consumer technology (where appropriate) helps to improve the way they work. Provide those tools and the climate to use them to create a HERO-powered business.
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    • The Power Of Empowered Employees
    • Employees Fall Into Four Segments: From HEROes To Disenfranchised
    • HERO Employees Innovate, Advocate, And Lead
    • Create More HEROes By Focusing On Technology And "Climate"
    • How Are Real IT Execs Empowering Employees?

      Provide The Tools Of A HERO-Powered Business
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      The HERO Segments Vary By Demographics And Work Styles