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How Extended Packaging Will Redefine Relationships Among Brands, Retailers, And Customers

A European Perspective On Mobile Bar Codes

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    You've seen them everywhere: in the corners of print ads, across billboards, on buses, or in pieces of direct mail — those small blocks of even smaller squares. Marketers are increasingly using 2D bar codes, and consumers' awareness is growing. Beyond enhancing traditional ad support, 2D bar codes are also appearing on product packaging. They complement ubiquitous 1D bar codes, shipping on packaged and manufactured products and automated at retail checkout systems. Despite the hype, mobile consumer usage of these different bar codes is still limited. Product strategists and marketers are wondering how and when to move beyond experimentation and how to scale the use of bar codes in product packaging to create enhanced experiences and digitize consumer relationships. This report will analyze key consumer and business trends affecting the evolution of mobile bar codes on product packaging and will provide guidelines on how to scale such early initiatives.
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    • Usage Of Mobile Bar Codes Is Limited, But The Market Will Standardize
    • Brands Will Engage Consumers Via Extended Product Packaging

      Anticipate The Implications Of Extending Your Packaging

      Mobile Will Redefine Relationships Between Brands And Retailers
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