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How German Savings And Investment Buyers Use Different Channels

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    The economic climate in Germany has encouraged consumers to save more and shift toward more conservative savings and investment products. Germans show distinct channel behavior when researching and buying different savings and investment products. While investment fund buyers prefer in-person channels, stock buyers show a clear affinity for direct channels. The reasons for consumers' channel choices differ by product. All savings and investment buyers are motivated by convenience. But while savings account buyers look for the channel where they can get the best price, both stock and fund buyers tend to seek reliability and stick to the channel they always use. eBusiness and channel strategists in financial services firms should use these insights into consumer behavior to drive savings and investment product sales across multiple channels.
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    • Saving Is A Rising Trend In Germany Again
    • Germans Are More Conservative Savers And Investors Than Other Europeans
    • Consumers' Channel Behavior Depends On The Product They Are Buying

      Align Savings And Investment Offers With Consumers' Channel Preferences
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