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How The Convergence Of Business Rules, BPM, And BI Will Drive Business Optimization

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    With change endemic, business flexibility paramount, and the lines between strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making blurring, information and knowledge management (I&KM) pros must find new application architectures for a new generation of requirements. Business process management (BPM), business intelligence (BI), and business rules engine (BRE) software offer the architectural foundations to meet the challenge of continual business optimization, but too many I&KM pros approach these technologies largely in isolation. In fact, these "three B's" have significantly greater business impact when used together than when used separately. If your enterprise wants to move beyond mere efficiency and productivity improvements for back-office processes and seeks instead to optimize (and even transform) the business, look to the convergence of the "three B's" to serve as the foundation.
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    • The Goal: Optimized Processes, Nimble Enterprises, Better Insight
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