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How To Create A Site That Appeals To Affluent Investors

Use Importance And Quality Ratings To Prioritize Improvements To Your Site

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    Four out of five US online affluent investors visit their investment firms' websites at least a few times a year. What secure-site features do they value most? Account inquiry features — balances, transaction history, holdings — are the most important, followed by moving money and communicating with advisors. Users typically rate these features comparably high on quality. But a handful of important features rank relatively low in quality, such as portfolio performance reporting. Smart eBusiness and channel strategy professionals will strive to get the top-ranked features right; they can then differentiate their online wealth management offerings by providing improved versions of features that lag in quality.
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    • The Secure Website Features Most Important To Affluent Investors
    • Quality Relative To Importance Reveals Essential And Neglected Features

      Use These Ratings To Prioritize Upgrades To Your Site
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