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How To Design An Effective Voice Of The Customer (VoC) Insights Program

Best Practices In VoC And CSAT Research For Market Insights Professionals

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    Market insights professionals often carry out customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys — a key component in voice of the customer (VoC) research — but then struggle to turn results into strategic insights that can support their company in achieving business goals. Part of the problem is in approaching CSAT as a standalone research component. When optimized within a larger VoC research program, CSAT can greatly empower companies to understand their customers and monetize insights. And given its access to customers via surveys and other research, market insights can play a key role in providing VoC insights and thereby build its value within the company. This report will focus on the challenges market insights professionals face with VoC research, best practices in VoC research, and approaches to make research and insights more actionable.
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    • Can You Hear Me Now? VoC Research Challenges
    • Optimize VoC Input
    • Optimize The VoC Research Process
    • Optimize VoC Output

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