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How To Develop The Business Case For BPM Projects And BPM Programs

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    Developing a BPM business case differs from a traditional IT project because of the continuous improvement approach that BPM introduces. As such, the business case must be developed and enhanced in phases, factoring in iterative development and multiple process versions deployed over time. And developing the business case for a BPM project differs substantially from developing the business case for a broad-based, organization-wide BPM program which is much broader in scope. BPM pros should ensure that the organization has experienced BPM project success before attempting a broader program-level BPM business case.
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    • BPM: The Discipline
    • How To Approach And Develop An Initial BPM Project Business Case
    • The Anatomy Of A BPM Business Case: Project And Program
    • The BPM Business Case Should Surface The Compelling Reasons For Change

      The BPM Business Case Evolves As The Project Progresses
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