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How To Exploit The Database Of Affinity

And Why Google, Not Facebook, Will Dominate Affinity Marketing

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    Every day, huge numbers of people tell us what they like by voting for things, talking about things, reviewing things, and engaging in other online social interactions. All these behaviors add up to what we call a "database of affinity": a catalog of people's tastes and preferences, collected by observing their social behaviors. This pool of affinities is the Holy Grail for powering more-accurate brand advertising. But building a database of affinity won't be easy. This report details what will be required to turn all this information into something that's valuable to marketers; explores which vendors are most likely to build a usable database of affinity; and considers what the database of affinity means for marketers.
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    • Your Customers Are Trying To Tell You What They Like
    • Brand Marketers Will Embrace The Database Of Affinity
    • Unlocking Affinity Will Require A Lot More Than Just Data
    • The Database Of Affinity Will Emerge In Four Stages

      The Database Of Affinity Will Change Brand Marketing Forever
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