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How To Foster Software Innovation To Exploit The Economic Recovery – A Social Computing Report

Best Practices In Software Innovation From Leading Software Developers

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    Software innovation plays an increasingly vital role in enterprise success as a key part of more and more products and services, whether on the Web, a phone, a desktop PC, a car, or in your home. Innovation is important whether the software is a product or service, as in the case of Microsoft or Google; is a means by which customers interact with an enterprise to obtain a product or service, as in the case of Netflix or Fidelity; or is embedded within an automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, or medical product. Forrester interviewed experts in a dozen organizations that excel at software innovation and learned the most important process, organizational, cultural, geographical, and staffing practices that promote software innovation. As your enterprise moves to exploit the recovery, adopt the software innovation practices that work best within your context to increase your success.
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    • Welcome To The Recovery — It's Now Time For More Software Innovation
    • Apply The Software Innovation Practice Framework To Boost Success
    • The Future Of Software Innovation Is Social
    • Tailor Your Software Innovation Approach Based On Your Organization Type

      Build Your Software Innovation "Mojo" To Drive Business Success
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