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How To Identify A Suitable BPM Project

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    Choosing the initial project carefully consistently ranks as one of the key factors dictating long-term BPM program success. The key issue is not so much a question of finding a compelling business need, but instead one of deciding which opportunity to tackle first and how to then carry the initiative forward to future projects. For long-term program success, the BPM team should rapidly execute a tactical project that demonstrates the benefits of the BPM solution, while also concurrently developing internal project team skills and capabilities. Even in the face of pressing organizational challenges that would drive your first BPM initiative elsewhere, choosing a tactical project that educates business stakeholders and helps to showcase the BPM approach will better position the BPM program for long-term success.
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    • To Find The First BPM Project, Think Pragmatically

      Your First Project Starts The Foundation For Your BPM Program Road Map
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